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Rebecca Antonelli has learned the “ART of starting over.” 
After 25 years running her own company as a PR + Marketing consultant, she picked up a paint brush for the first time.  One year later, at the age of 49, she held her first public exhibit.  The game changing creativity that once helped launch businesses is now manifested in a new direction, primarily in the form of creating large format abstract acrylic, mixed media and transitional art.  
Antonelli was born in Fargo, North Dakota and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. She credits her childhood travel, living abroad and touring many of Europe’s esteemed museums with influencing how she views and creates art.
It’s the movement of color and texture with a hint of  whimsy that has made her work popular among art afficiandos and amateur collectors alike.  It creates a certain mood in the viewer, ranging from soothing to energizing to chaotic.
Antonelli is likely painting a reflection of herself. 
“We are all artists at birth,” she observes. “Sometimes our creativity is stunted or not nurtured. But it is never too late to access the powerful healing qualities of art and the way it embraces and unites people across the planet. 
"Art is like global glue.”
Currently on view at Margaux's Restaurant, Raleigh North Carolina
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i love to make portraits of REAL people and animals.  
PORTRAITS by commission
16x20 500.
48x48 2000.
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